September 2018 Events at Elevate Community Church


Sunday 23rd September, 7pm – Prayer Meeting
James 5:16 'The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective'. When we pray God listens to his people. Come along as we meet together as a church and focus on praying together for not just ourselves and our church but also for those who we know and love that don't yet know Christ!

Sunday 23rd September, 7pm-9pm – Young Adults Group Resumes
Young Adults is a group of people aged between 18-30 who meet every Sunday evening. Come along to learn more about Jesus, grow your faith and build lifelong friendships.

Saturday 29th September, 6:30pm – Worship Evening
Come along as we have an extended time of worship and communion. Sunday mornings can be busy with the hustle and bustle of church, these evenings promise to be relaxed and an encouraging time as we gather together to proclaim the name of Jesus and give him all the thanks and praise.

Small Groups Autumn 2018
At Elevate, small groups are vital to our church. They provide a sense of connection and community as we all tackle life together. Our small groups draw out the relevance of Biblical principles discussed in the weekend services & pull together to help people grow their faith. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, you will find a safe place to ask questions and find answers to many of the questions we all have about faith. We have groups meeting in many locations, so chances are you can find one near you.

Mondays, 7pm, in The Living Room, Elevate
Led by Dermot O'Mahony. For more details contact Dermot:

Tuesdays, 7pm, in Shannon Banks Corbally
Led by Sarah Butler. For more details contact Sarah:

Wednesdays, 7pm, in The Living Room, Elevate
Led by Bryan and Ruth Doherty. For more details contact Bryan:

Thursdays, 7pm, in Ard Thomain, Sli Na, Mungret
Led by George O'Callaghan. For more details contact George:

Thursdays, 8pm, at The Living Room, Elevate
Led by Matt Lamb. For more details contact Matt:

Thursdays, 10am, at Oak Park Ennis
Led by Lisa Herring. For more details contact Lisa:

Sundays from 23rd September, 7pm - 9pm, Young Adults (18-30yrs) at Elevate
Led by Matt Lamb, Colin Doherty and Stephen Brookes. For more details contact Matt:

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